1845 Russia Silver Poltina ½ Rouble Coin Warsaw Mint


A very fine example of an Imperial Russian (Nicholas I) Silver Poltina coin.

The Poltina is the equivalent of a 12 Rouble, which is also equal to 50 Kopecks. The coin is dated 1845 and has the MW marks on either side of the imperial eagle tail feathers denoting that it was produced in the Warsaw (now Poland) Mint.

The silver content is 86.8 percent and the coin was produced in the years 1842 to 1854. When seen, it is normally with the St Petersburg Mint marks. On one side is written ЧИСТАГО СЕРЕБРА 2 ЗОЛОТНИКА 10 1/2 ДОЛЕЙ, which translates as: Pure Silver 2 Zolotnik 10½ parts. On the reverse is МОНЕТА ПОЛТИНА 1854: Coin Poltina 1845.

Size: 2.9 cm (1 1/8 inches)
Weight: 10.36 g