1936 USA San Francisco Bay Bridge Silver Half Dollar


A very attractive and unusual American commemorative silver (900) Half Dollar coin, that went into circulation.

The condition is uncirculated, but the coin was kept with other coins, so has a couple of very minor scratches and staining. The coin commemorates the building of the Oakland Bay Bridge, which was opened in San Francisco 6 months before the Golden Gate Bridge. Given the small run produced, the numismatic value far exceeds the value of the silver. The coin shows a Grizzly bear (symbol of California) instead of the more usual eagle on the obverse, and the reverse shows the completed bridge. The coins were designed by San Francisco artist Jacques Schnier. The Coin Committee of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Celebration ordered 100,000 coins. Coins were struck at the San Francisco Mint.

The coins were sold for 1.50US$, by mail order or directly from the bridge tolls. Therefore the condition of the coins can vary quite a bit. About 28000 coins remained unsold, so were melted down.

Size: 30.5 mm
Weight: 12.5g