c1880 Nicholson Type 1 Cast Iron Farm Machine Seat


A very nice looking original antique Nicholson Company of Newark cast iron Tractor or mechanical implement operator’s seat, in reasonable condition.

The seat is wholly made in cast iron, but with holes for ventilation and to allow rainwater to drain away. The manufacturer realised that the seat could also become an advertising board with the details of the company boldly incorporated into the design. For this these seats have become popular with collectors and although generally termed Tractor Seats, they rarely come from them. This is an early example, Type 1, with a simple design and a row of ventilation holes. The markings read: NICHOLSON REGISTERED TRADEMARK, with a central N, within a 9 nine-pointed star. There is a bit of damage to a couple of gaps between 2 letters. The seat has been painted red at some time.

Cast iron seats, were first used in about 1860, replacing wooden ones. Most cast iron seats come from antique farm equipment from about 1860-1900, from corn planters, binders, tedders, reapers etc. They were generally discontinued by 1920, being replaced by pressed steel or padded.

Size: 43 x 33 x 16 cm (17 x 13 x 6 ¼ inches)
Weight 4557g