1897 Blickensderfer 7 London Portable Typewriter


A rare and desirable 1897 Blickensderfer 7 London Portable Typewriter in good working condition, although currently without ink.

The typewriter is the British edition and has keys with British characters, such as the Sterling Pound £ sign. As such the shield emblem on the front reads: BLICKENSDERFER – 9 & 10 CHEAPSIDE- LONDON – MADE IN THE USA – 7. It has the standard keyboard configuration as designed by George Blickensderfer of a DHIATENSOR or “Scientific” keyboard design. It is stamped underneath the space bar with the serial number 5068, from the first year of production 1897. The typewriter comes complete with its travelling and storage lid. Apart from a little oxidisation to some of the steel parts, it looks very clean and tidy.

The Blickensderfer Typewriter Company, was based at Stamford, Conn , USA. In 1891, George C. Blickensderfer (1850-1917) invented a small portable writing machine that featured the ability to change type styles at will. This unique design formed the basis of a typewriter manufacturing business that lasted almost thirty years. The Model 7, offered in 1897, became the deluxe version of the basic design. This particular example was assembled in Britain and is also known as the "London Blick". The DHIATENSOR keyboard design was believed to be more efficient than the QWERTY keyboard. Later, Blickensderfer produced typewriters with a QWERTY keyboard, but buyers were required to sign a form stating that they chose the inefficient keyboard type. The Blickensderfer was a very popular typewriter in the early days, weighing only 5 pounds compared with a Remington of the same era that weighed 45 pounds. Cost was another appealing advantage. The Blickensderfer cost of only $39.00 while a Remington cost $100.00.

Size: 35 x 27.5 x 16.5 cm
Weight: 5327 g