1913 China Republic Government Loan £20 Gold Bond


A 5 percent Reorganisation Gold loan of 1913, for £25 Million (Pounds Sterling), or 511,250,000 German Marks, or 631,250,000 French Francs or 236,750,000 Russian Roubles, or 244,900,000 Japanese Yen.

The different currencies, as the loan was open to these 5 countries of the International Legations in China, authorised by the Chinese Republican Government, under President Yuan Shikai. The certificate is numbered 318841 and has an equivalent value of £20, or DM 409, or 505 FF, or 189.40 Russian Roubles, or 195.92 Japan Yens. The Bond carries the signature of the Chinese Finance Minister and the seal of the Chinese Government. The loan expired in July 1960.

The certificate has been framed and glazed and is in good condition.

Size: 35 x 47.5 cm (13 3/4 x 18 3/4 inches)
Weight: 1286 g