c1800 Cockade Fan from Ann Boleyn Rochford House


A nice example of an early 19th century English Cockade folding Fan that originates from Ann Boleyn’s home of Rochford House.

The fan is called a Cockade Fan because of its folding ability to open to form a complete circle (i.e. 360 degrees). It comes with a small letter attached that reads: ‘This fan was found in 1912 on an old rafter in the ceiling of “ANN BOLEYN’S” Boudoir in Rochford House, Rochford, Essex, by workmen while repairing the roof, through damage caused by the “death watch beetle.’ (sic). On the other side is: The property of George Teed Godolphin – Rose Cottage 12 Fore Street, Shaldon, Teignmouth South Devon.

The fan has an interesting origin, but is sadly not Ann Boleyn’s, or of the 16th century. It does date from some 200 years later, in our estimate, and belonged to one of her descendants, although why it was hidden on a rafter is a mystery.

George Teed Godolphin (1879- was originally from Notting Hill in London. In 1910 he was an assistant Chemist in Rochford (where he must have acquired the fan). He died in 1949 in Newton Abbot, Devon.

Size folded: 23 x 3 x 2 cm (9 x 1 1/8 x 5/8 inches)
Size open: 23.5 cm (9 ¼ inches)
Weight: 41 g