1763 George III Sealed Vellum Appointing Marquess of Carnarvon


An impressive large vellum manuscript by George III of Britain appointing James Brydges, Marquess of Carnarvon, 3rd Duke of Chandos to be the King's Representative (i.e. Member of Parliament) for Southampton.

The parchment is decorated with a picture of a young King George and refers to the date as the first year of his reign, making that 1760. Chandos (1731 - 1789) was a Member of Parliament for Winchester (1754 - 1761) and Radnorshire (1761 - 1768). He was related and a protegé of the Charles Duke of Bolton, whom he is replacing, as mentioned in the document.

The document states that it is signed by the King's hand, but appears as Yorke & Yorke. The document has a huge Pendent wax seal with the image of a Roman cavalryman on one side and a King seated on a throne on the other. The seal has been partly broken and then glued together. The writing around it reads ' GEORGIUS II DEI GRATIA MAGNAE BRITANNIAE FRANCIAE ET HIBERNIAE REX FIDEI DEFENSOR' on the reverse ' BRUNSWIGEN ET LUNIBURGEN DUX SACRI ROMANI IMPERII ARCHI THESAURARIUS ET PRINCEPS ELECT ET ...' The seal, therefore, belongs to George II and given that it was the first year of the reign of George III it had not been changed. There are also 3 tax stamps of 40 shillings each (£6)

The vellum document reads:
George the Third by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and soforth - To our Trusty and well loved James Brydges (commonly called Marquess of Carnarvon) - Greeting - Whereas we did by our letters patent under our great seal of Great Britain bearing the date at Westminster the sixteenth day of March in the first year of our Reign nominate and appoint our Knight trusty and Knight entirely beloved cousin and councillor Charles Duke of Bolton keeper of the Rolls of the peace within our County of Southampton and our town of Southampton and county of the same during our pleasure as by the same letters patent amongst other things therein contained more fully and plainly appears - Now know Ye that we have revoked and determined and by these presents Do revoke and determine the said writed letters patent and all things therein contained - And further know Ye for divers good causes and considerations We, this time especially moving - Have named made and appointed and by these presents do name make and appoint You the aforesaid James Brydges commonly called Marquess of Carnarvon keeper of the Rolls of our peace in our said County of Southampton and our town of Southampton and County of the same during our pleasure - And therefore we command you that at the days and places in that behalf duly to be appointed the writs precepts processes and indictments before our Justices to preserve the peace within the said County of Southampton and Town of Southampton and County of the same appointed and to be appointed depanding and to be taken you cause to come that they may be Inspected and Determined by a due End according to the Laws and Customs of England - In Witness whereof We have caused these of our Letters to be made Patent - Witness Ourself at Westminster the first day of June in the Third Year of Our Reign --- By the King Himself -------- Yorke & Yorke

Parchment Size: 55.5 x 71 cm (21 7/8 x 28 inches)
Seal Sizel: 14.5 x 1.5 cm (5 3/4 x 5/8 inches)
Weight: 362 g