c1800 Metzler London No 3 Walnut Wood 6 Key Flute


A rare early example of a c1800 Valentine Metzler of London Number 3, Walnut Wood 6-key flute.
The flute is made of deep brown walnut wood with marine ivory (Walrus) sections ring ends and headcap, which separate into 4 section parts. The turning on the rings of this flute is very nicely done, with a slight bamboo knot effect. The embouchure has not been worn or altered. The flute has 6 key holes. The 4 sections are stamped with the early Metzler marks: METZLER LONDON 3. This dates the flute to before 1816, when the 105 Wardour St address was added. Condition appears extremely good for its age. This is a very desirable and collectable flute.
The Metzler firm was begun in London in 1788 by German born Valentine Metzler, who came to England from Bingen on the Rhine, Germany. He married an Englishwoman and their only son, George Richard (1797-1867) joined his father in the business, as did George’s son, George Thomas (1835-1879).(1) The earliest record I found is a July 1794 entry in the Sun Fire Office where Valentine insures premises at 344 Oxford Street. He described himself as ‘wind musical instrument maker and dealer in iron and rags’.
Size: 2.5 x 50.25 cm (1 x 19 ¾ inches)
Weight: 147g