c1860 George James Butler London Rosewood Wood 6 Key Flute


A rare early example of a c1860 George James Butler of Haymarket, London Rosewood Wood Transverse 6-key Flute.
The flute is made of deep brown Rosewood or similar hardwood with brass section rings ends and headcap, which separate into 2 section parts. The embouchure has not been cracked, worn or altered. The flute has 6 key holes. The 2 sections are stamped with the mid 19th century George James Butler marks: BUTLER – HAYMARKET – LONDON. The company moved into Haymarket at some time between 1826 and 1865. This information may have been derived partly from Algernon Rose (1895), who wrote: ‘Mr. George Butler (Junior), of 29, Haymarket, London, and of Monument House, O’Connell Bridge, Dublin.... Mr. Butler’s (Senior) business was established in the Haymarket in 1826.... Mr. Butler’s father (i.e., George Senior) succeeded Mr. Dollard, who set up in Dublin about the year 1810. Dollard made flutes, ‘Kent’ bugles, serpents, and bass-horns’.
Condition appears extremely good for its age. This is a very desirable and collectable flute.
Size: 39.5 x 3 cm (15 ½ x 1 1/8 inches)
Weight: 147 g