c1890 Tibetan Buddhist Mandala Thangkha


A spectacular c1890 hand-painted Tibetan Thangkha, depicting Mandala, the Buddhist representation of heaven.

The tangkha has been beautifully painted to a minute detail. It is made in the traditional way: main linen panel, with an ornate, brocaded surrounding. We believe the inner circle, specifically, is the representation of Heaven and that the outer scenes are depictions of significant moments in the Buddha’s life.

The condition is very good for its age. This Tangkha differs from more modern versions, in that it is far more detailed and it has the subdued tone of age. The subject matter, the range of colour and quality all reflect the vast amount of time it will have taken to produce.

Size: 46 x 69cm
Size of Image: 33 x 44.5cm
Weight: 195g