c1850 Chinese Wood & Brass Mounted Travelling Cabinet


A fine quality and rare early to mid-19th century Chinese red Stained Elm (Yu Mu) and Burr Walnut (Heta Mu) Travelling Cabinet, with brass mounts.

The front of the cabinet is decorated with burr walnut veneer panels, bordered by mahogany (Hong Mu) or possibly cherrywood slats. The joins are strengthened by flat T shaped brass plates. The cabinet has twin opening doors which are locked an unusual cylindrical secret padlock. The padlock slots through 2 eyelets that are part of a brass flower decoration. The pastille shaped padlock forms the centre of the flower. When you open the doors, there are 2 sliding wooden panels with holes to insert the fingers and move the left and right. The inside is plain, without ant shelves or compartments.

The cabinet is truly a travelling piece, with the requirement to be strong, decorative, but also light. It isn’t anywhere as strong as a chest and would have had some form of stand. The piece was probably brought to Britain in the 19th century, as it has had a Elm faux bamboo tall stand made for it. The stand has 4 legs and cross pieces, turned to mimic bamboo poles. Condition overall is very good, but the wood sides have evidence of old scuffs and scrapes from use.

Size without legs: 80.5 x 39.5 x 50.5 cm
Size legs: 80 x 39 x 90 cm