c1880 Swiss Black Forest Carved Wood Cigar Cabinet


A beautiful, very finely carved wooden Black Forest Cigar Cabinet, topped by a very naturalistic European Fox.

The Cigar Cabinet dates to around the end of the 19th Century. It is sometimes described as a humidor, but it rather an ornate cigar case, that was a status symbol to present cigars to guests at parties or after dinners. It has a hinged lid that lifts with the folding front side, with 6 inner sliding slotted trays that accommodate 12 cigars each, making a total of 72 cigars. Each tray is lightly carved, leaving the more impressive work for the outside of the cabinet. The front and the left and right sides have high relief carved vine leaves and fruit. On the front panel there is also an armorial shield with the letters MS carved on it. The back panel is less deeply carved, but also nice and decorative. Condition is good. A couple of the relief leaves on the front panel have chips, but this does not detract from the beauty of the piece.

"Black Forest" is a term used to describe the elaborate, realistic wood carvings that were thought to be made in the Black Forest region of Bavaria, Germany, but new research proves that the carvings were done in Switzerland, mostly by the Trauffer family. The different carvings are generally in the theme of forest animals and can be part of ornaments, tools, furniture and cuckoo clocks. The pieces are carved from a lime (linden) or walnut tree wood.

Size: 31.5 x 25 x 29 cm (12 3/8 x 9 7/8 x 11 3/8 inches)
Weight: 3013 g