Georgian Burr Walnut Veneer Boxwood Tea Caddy


A beautifully made Georgian tea caddy veneered with Burr walnut and banded with boxwood.

The interior features the usual layout, where two walnut veneered compartments sit either side of a glass mixing-bowl. The mixing bowl is of the period. The underside of the lid is bound in red leather, creased where it comes into contact with the rim of the mixing bowl. The finial is silver plated on copper; the copper showing through in areas most exposed to polishing.

In general the condition of the box is good, though areas of the veneer have lifted slightly. There is also a small section of boxwood banding (around 1cm) missing around the bottom left corner on the front of the box. The green felt in the middle compartment has the usual age-related wear.

Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 15cm
Weight: 2303g