1988 Beryl Cook Lunchtime Refreshment Signed Print BAJ


A signed, limited edition lithograph Beryl Cook print titled ‘Lunchtime Refreshment’, published in 1988 and numbered BAJ.

This is the Guild of Fine Art numbering that corresponded to 108/850. The print bears Beryl Cook’s hand signed pencil signature and the details of ‘Alexander Gallery Publications Ltd., Bristol, England’ – sole publishers of Cook’s work since 1977. The painting shows a group of men in a pub, watching a woman stripping, on which Beryl Cook wrote: “Down near the docks one morning we entered this nice old-fashioned pub, the Queen, for a well-earned drink, and a cheerful voice called out, ‘Are you strippers?’ The friend with us is in her eighties and I am a great-grandmother so in fits of giggles we settled down to a half-pint of beer and a doorstep sandwich each. To our surprise a lovely girl suddenly appeared and, dancing to music, peeled off most of her clothes. This was only a teaser, and a round of drinks later we had the full performance. What a bonus – and we’d only gone in to rest our feet for half an hour or so. Refreshed, we left to continue our journey.”

Beryl Cook (1926-2008) was a Plymouth artist famed for her representations of plump extroverted women. Her distinctive, comic style enjoys popularity across the world.

The print is in mint condition and is mounted and covered in protective cellophane.

Size print: 77.5 x 68 cm (30 ½ x 26 ¾ inches)
Size of Picture: 61 x 49.5 cm (24 x 19 ½ inches)
Weight: 1703 g