2005 Beryl Cook Birthday Cake Limited Edition Signed Print


A signed and framed limited edition Beryl Cook screenprint titled ‘Birthday Cake’, published in 2005 and numbered 357/650.

The print bears Beryl Cook’s hand signed pencil signature. It shows a trio of naked ladies eating birthday cake under a tree. Of this picture, Beryl Cook wrote: ‘A well-known art magazine asked me to paint a suitable picture for the cover of their anniversary edition, celebrating either 20 or 25 years of publication, I think. I’m not sure exactly what they had in mind, but it probably wasn’t these three women who are attacking the excellent cake with undisguised relish. There does seem to be rather a lot of cake to go round, but they look like they have never suffered from any lack of appetite so I expect they will manage’.

Beryl Cook (1926 - 2008) is probably Plymouth's most famous artist of the 20th century and is best known for her tongue in cheek representations of Plymouth social life. Her distinctive style, with large portly ladies and men, is hugely popular, making this a desirable piece for any enthusiast.

The print is nicely framed and glazed and very good condition. This is a Signed Limited Edition Print by the artist Beryl Cook.

Size of Frame: 87 x 69.5 cm (34 ¼ x 27 ¼ inches)
Size of Picture: 51 x 37 cm (20 x 14 ½ inches)
Weight: 4.15kg