c1990 Beryl Cook The Expedition Original Signed Oil Painting

A rare, c1990, signed and framed original Beryl Cook oil on board painting ‘The Expedition’.
In this charming painting titled 'The Expedition’, a couple (Beryl Cook and her husband John) are on a small boat, paddling close to the lake’s edge of the jungle. On the water’s edge are 2 lions calmly watching the people go by. In the background is a setting sun and a flock of birds in the distance. Beryl Cook has put a lot of effort into the little details, including the copious greenery of the jungle. The painting is signed on the lower right of the picture, although the artwork perfectly encapsulates Cook's signature style, characterised by its joyful, warm, and original expression that has endeared her to the British and International public. The painting is in very good condition and has recently been reframed. An accompanying letter confirming the authenticity of the painting is available from Beryl Cook’s family.
Beryl Cook OBE (1926-2008) is probably Plymouth's most famous artist of the 20th century and is best known for her tongue in cheek representations of Plymouth social life. Her distinctive style, with large portly ladies and men, is hugely popular, making this a desirable piece for any enthusiast.
Size of Picture: 58 x 60 cm (22 7/8 x 23 5/8 inches)
Size of Frame: 83 x 83.5 x 2 cm (32 5/8 x 32 7/8 x 2 inches)
Weight: 4816 g