2001 Tony Blair Original Cartoon Portrait by Steve Bell


A rare, available to buy, original large size black felt pen cartoon portrait of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, signed by the very famous Guardian political cartoonist Steve Bell.

The portrait was drawn when Steve Bell was invited to the Oxford Union Society in 2000, and given to the student organiser. The portrait of the Tony Blair is typical Steve Bell, showing him with mad eyes and huge toothy grin, in a black silhouette . Needless to say, the views of politician and artist were different. However, Steve Bell’s cartoons are so revered, that notable politicians have tried to obtain an original of themselves.

Steve Bell became a freelance cartoonist in 1977. He has contributed to the New Statesman, Leveller, Time Out and NME, amongst other publications. From 1992 he designed the Private Eye colour Christmas covers and he became the political cartoonist for The Guardian in 1990 replacing Les Gibbard. His ‘Maggie’s Farm’ series was described in the House of Lords as ‘an almost obscene series of caricatures’. Bell is also famous for his depiction of John Major wearing his underpants over his trousers and President George W. Bush as an ape.

The cartoon is in good condition. The event poster of the Oxford Union is not included.

Size: 42 x 59 cm (16 ½ x 23 ¼ inches)
Weight: 24 g