Henry Gastineau Watercolour Ink Drawing Warwick Castle


Artist: Henry Gastineau (1791-1876)
Title: Unknown Palatial Estate with Boy Climbing Wall
Medium: Ink and Wash on Paper
Date: September 1827

It is possible that this adept view of a 17th century manor house, portrays the inside courtyard of Warwick Castle, which underwent extensive modernisation between the years 1669-1678.

In the foreground, a boy can be seen climbing over a stone wall. It is curious and idiosyncratic detail, which Gastineau is known to have used in at least one other painting (St. Winifred's Well: Wales Illustrated 1836).

Henry Gastineau (1791 – 1876) was an English painter and engraver of Huguenot descent. A student of the Royal Academy, Gastineau would eventually settle on painting watercolours, after beginning as an engraver and oil painter. 1812 saw him exhibit his first painting in the Royal Academy, whilst in 1823 he became a full member. A contemporary of David Cox, Copley Fielding, George Cattermole, and Samuel Prout, he adhered to the old manner of watercolour painting, gradually being phased out in favour of more impressionistic styles.

Inscriptions: H.G. Sept. 1827
Signed on the reverse “Gastineau”, likely in the artist’s hand.

Size (Frame): 42 x 34 x 2.5cm
Size (Image): 27 x 17cm ( )
Weight: 1365g