c2000 Young Woman Oil and Pastel by Mic Chambers


A very attractive mixed media oil and pastel painting of a young woman waking up in bed.

The painting shows her head and shoulder, with her arm acting as a pillow. The composition is bathed in a diffuse red light, such as if looking at a sunset, which contrasts with the piercing green of her eyes. The painting has been tastefully mounted, framed and glazed and is the work of Mic Chambers a renowned current artist in Devon. Condition is very good, with just a couple of small scratches to the black frame.

Mic Chambers is a self-taught artist based in Totnes, South Devon. He is a charismatic, unfettered and prodigious talent whose art captivates the viewer. Mic was influenced and inspired by Ken Paine, the renowned pastel artist and is immensely proud to have worked alongside him in the 1990’s. Ken’s work is recognised worldwide, and he was awarded the coveted title of ‘Master Pastelliste’ by the Societe de Pastellistes Internationale et de France, an accolade rarely awarded to a British person.

Size image: 43 x 36 cm (17 x 14 1/8 inches)
Size frame: 65.5 x 59 x 2.5 cm (25 ¾ x 23 ¼ x 1 inches)
Weight: 3340 g