1764 Engraving of Woman in Oriental Headdress by Bartolozzi


A beautiful looking engraving of an original drawing by the Bolognese artist, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, also known as Guercino (1591-1666), that were brought back from a Grand Tour by the Earl of Bute.

The images were given to King George III and his librarian/curator arranged for the celebrated Florentine engraver Francesco Bartolozzi (1727-1815) to come to London and produce engravings of pictures in the Royal Collection. His work was published in 1764 as a collection of 82 prints from the originals by Guercino. He is noted for popularising the crayon method of engraving. Such was his repute that, in 1768, George III established the prestigious Royal Academy of the Arts and, despite the fact that engravers were initially excluded from membership (they were considered craftsmen rather than artists), an exception was made for Bartolozzi.

This is one of several original engravings, that were purchased from the Castle Hill Estate, in North Devon. They are all nicely mounted, framed and glazed. The picture shows an ink drawing of a young woman wearing an oriental turban. The bottom is annotated Guercino inv. and F. Bartolozzi sculp. Condition is very good.

Size of Print: 32 x 27.5 cm (12 5/8 x 10 7/8 inches)
Size of Frame: 48.5 x 45 x 1.5 cm (19 1/8 x 17 ¾ x 5/8 inches)
Weight: 1580 g