1806 Laurie & Whittle Rosabell Napoleonic Print Peninsular War

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An excellent Napoleonic Propaganda stipple engraving, published by Robert Laurie and James Whittle in 1806.

The print commemorates the British expeditionary force embarking for the Iberian Peninsular in December 1806. The centre of the engraving shows a lady with a baby, grasping a handkerchief and staring wistfully out to sea. Behind her, an infantryman comforts his partner. In the background a mass of soldiers board the flotilla of boats in the harbour.

The print includes 9 stanzas of Pope-like verse written by the Scottish poet John Mayne (1759-1836) - admired by Walter Scot and plagiarised by Robert Burns.

The print is a salient example of British print during a Napoleonic era, where the fear of invasion encouraged the talents of engravers, poets and cartoonists to mingle in a way that might never have happened otherwise.

Towards the bottom of the print, the following reads: “Publish’d Dec. 12.1806. by Laurie & Whittle. 53. Fleet Street, London’

Size of Print: 24 x 30cm