1807 Laurie & Whittle Napoleonic Propaganda Print Britons United
  • 1807 Laurie & Whittle Napoleonic Propaganda Print Britons United

1807 Laurie & Whittle Napoleonic Propaganda Print Britons United


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Product Description

A rare piece of Napoleonic propaganda, published by Robert Laurie and James Whittle in 1807.

The stipple engraving shows the large figure of Britannia standing in the middle of a headland, the British lion lying at her side. The background sea is crowded with a large fleet, from rowing boats to ships of the line. A sailor, redcoat and merchant stand united at the foot of a column. The bust of King George III is draped with a pair of ribbons, one for the House of Lords, the other for the House of Commons.

Stanzas of patriotic verse:

Though Russia yields the well contested day.
And Prussia sinks beneath the Tyrant’s sway
England shall stand amidst each ruin’d State –
If true herself – Impregnable and Great!

Oh! Let the spirit of the Isle appear,
Nerve every arm and sharpen every spear!
Let evil feuds – disgraceful discord! End,
And ev’ry Briton prove Britannia’s friend!!

“What! Shall they seek the Lion in his Den,
And fright him there, and make him tremble there?
O! Let it not be said! ____________

‘Publish’d Sept.1. 1807 by Laurie & Whittle, 53. Fleet Street London’

Robert Laurie and James Whittle went into partnership in 1794, after receiving Robert Sayer’s Fleet Street Business at his death. The Napoleonic Wars would see the Fleet Street’s finest enlisted by the British Government to take the fight to revolutionary France. Indeed, this print was published at a point when Britain’s position was most precarious. A month earlier, The Peace of Tilsit ended the 4th Coalition by stripping Prussia of half her territory and forcing Imperial Russia to re-join the War as an ally of Revolutionary France. Printed a day before Nelson’s victory at the battle of Copenhagen, it looked increasingly as though the Danish-Norwegian fleet would fall into the hands of the French navy.

The mounting bears the annotation ‘A very popular print issued in 1807 during the War against Napoleon.’

Size of Print: 24 x 30cm


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