1854 Set of 4 Lithos Lloyds Incidents from the War in the Crimea


A very nice rare set of 4 coloured lithograph prints titled ‘LLOYDS INCIDENTS FROM THE WAR IN THE CRIMEA’.

They were published in London in 1854 by Lloyd Brothers & Co. from lithographs by Day & Son (Lithographers to the Queen). The artist was Edmond Morin. The prints illustrate fascinating vivid side events that occurred outside of the main battles of the Crimean War. The illustrations are numbered 1,2,3,9 from a series that numbered 60. However, apart from the National Army Museum, that has all 60 in its archives, the lithographs appear to be rare.

The topics covered here are:
1: A mortally wounded British soldier who has recovered the Colours.
2. A piece of discarded ordnance exploding in a bonfire on the beach.
3. Collecting the wounded and burial party after the Battle of Alma
9. An Irish soldier saved from an enemy Russian by his comrade’s intervention.

All 4 lithograph prints are in good condition and have been mounted, framed and glazed.

Edmond Morin (1824-1882) was an influential 19th century French etcher, lithographer, wood engraver and illustrator. He was born in Le Havre and studied art in Paris in the studio of Gleyre. Shortly after completing his education Morin left Paris for London and remained in that city for eight years (1849-1857). During his London years the artist achieved a large reputation for both his illustrations and wood engravings in such major publications as The Illustrated London News and Pen and Pencil. Morin returned to Paris in 1857 and immediately began exhibiting his art at the Salon. During the following years Edmond Morin frequently contributed art to such journals as Magasin pittoresque, l'Illustration, le Monde illustre and La Vie parisienne. He also illustrated such books as L'Hotel des Haricots (1864), Paris-guide (1867) and Monsieur, Madame et bebe (1878).

Although a fine landscape and portrait artist, Edmond Morin became most famous for his scenes of everyday life. In this area his splendid ability to capture a moment in time has led some scholars to link his with his Impressionist contemporaries. ‘Pays quand Meme’ ('Home all the Same') is a superb example of Morin's art.

Size of Frames: 48.5 x 42 x 1.75 cm (19 x 16 ½ x 5/8 inches)
Size of Images: 33.5 x 26.5 cm (13 ¼ x 10 ½ inches)
Weight: 6550 g