1870 Lithograph S.Lipschitz Oliver Cromwell and John Milton


A rare lithograph entitled “Cromwell and Milton. The Protector dictating a letter to the Duke of Savoy to stop the persecution of the Protestants in Piedmont 1655.”

Originally painted by Frederick Newenham (1807-1859), the subject was popularised by a William Henry Simmons engraving of 1854, now housed in the British Museum.

The lithograph depicts an Imperious Cromwell gesturing as John Milton, quill in hand, waits on his next line. The scene is unfussy, showing few accessories aside from a chest brimming with parchment, various tomes haphazardly placed and Cromwell’s feathered hat unceremoniously dropped at his feet.

The print bears the details “London, published by S. Lipschitz 84 Brushfield St. Bishopsgate” and in German “Verlag von S. Lipschitz Ellernthorsbrucke 11. Hamburg.

Bizarrely, the title section of the lithograph has been cut from the picture and mounted at the back of the frame. Aside from this, the print has remained free of wear.

Size of Frame: 57.5 x 44 x 1.5cm
Size of Picture: 53 x 40cm
Weight: 2185g