1970 Japanese Woodblock Print by Fumio Fujita


An attractive, early woodblock print of coppices surrounded by fields in Winter, by the acclaimed Japanese artist Fumio Fujita.

The picture is numbered 140/200 and dated 1970, with Fujita’s signature in both Japanese characters and Western script. The woodblock is in very good condition and has been mounted, framed and glazed.

Fumio Fujita was born in Aichi province in 1933. He graduated in 1955 from the renowned Musashino College of Fine Arts. In 1963 Fumio Fujita began to make woodblock prints in moku hanga style - self-carved and self-printed. He is one of Japan's most outstanding Sosaku Hanga artists today. Since 1963, he has created stylized natural landscapes which have become increasingly popular for their intricate designs. He is one of the few present-day artists to have contracted with a major Japanese woodblock publisher yet also produce prints himself as an independent artist. The passage of time has slowed his production and there are now very few of his woodblocks available. His main subjects are landscapes with a focus on trees. Fumio Fujita exhibits regularly with "Kokugakai", a Japanese printmaker association. He had several solo shows in Tokyo and exhibits every now and then with the prestigious CWAJ print shows (College Women of Japan), which was established by Oliver Statler after World War II.

Size image: 28 x 40.5 cm (11 x 16 inches)
Size frame: 46 x 58 x 2 cm (18 1/8 x 22 7/8 x ¾ inches)
Weight: 2340 g