c1784 John Rudyerd Eddystone Lighthouse Engraving by J Record


A fine quality large original hand-coloured engraving of Rudyerd’s (Rudyard) Lighthouse as built on the Eddystone Rocks, south of Plymouth, in 1709.

It was engraved in 1784 and is titled: ‘No.6 South ELEVATION & SECTION of RUDYERD’S LIGHTHOUSE, Completed in 1709; represented as it stood previous to its demolition by Fire in the Year 1755’. The engraving was done by James Record, who was active in 1768-1790. It depicts the south elevation and section of the second lighthouse built upon the Eddystone Rocks, near Plymouth, following the destruction in 1703 of Henry Winstanley’s first version. This second lighthouse, a conical wooden structure built around a core of brick and concrete, was constructed under the management of the silk merchant and property developer John Rudyard (1650- c1718). After it was destroyed by a fire in 1755, it was replaced by the famous Smeaton lighthouse. The condition is very good, and has been mounted, framed and glazed.

Size image: 30 x 48 cm (11 ¾ x 18 7/8 inches)
Size frame: 51.5 x 69 x 1.5 cm (20 ¼ x 27 1/8 x 5/8 inches)
Weight: 2800 g