c1798 Sailors in Port by Stothard - Ward Mezzotint Print


A beautiful late 18th century mezzotint print of British Navy sailors enjoying themselves whilst in port.

The print is by William Ward (1766 – 1826), based on a painting by Thomas Stothard (1755 – 1834). The print has been hand period coloured and still retains fresh tones. The bottom edge has the names of the artist and engraver and the title ‘SAILORS IN PORT’, with the dedication ‘To the British Navy this plate is respectfully dedicated by their obedient humble Ser.t. (servant) John Raphael Smith. He was the publisher, based at King Street, Covent Garden. It was issued on the 16th April, 1798.

The print is in good condition and has been period framed and glazed. The frame is a typical Hogarth style frame, with ebonised and gilded wood. The glass has been blackened up to the edge of the print, with a gold border.

Size image: 48 x 59 (19 x 23 ¼ inches)
Size frame: 68 x 78.5 x 2.5 cm (26 ¾ x 31 x 1 inches)
Weight: 4640 g