c1868 E Vernet Lecomte Oriental Beauty Coloured Albumen Print


A very rare, c1868, hand coloured albumen print produced by Marion & Co.

The company was created in 1840 and had stationery outlets in London and Paris, supplying high quality albumen prints for early photographers. The company is also credited with the introduction of the 'Carte de Visite' to Britain in 1857.

This picture represents a departure of their usual wares, as it is a very detailed hand coloured print of a Oriental woman, originally painted by Emile Charles Vernet - Lecomte (1822-1900). He was a Parisian Society artist, who became famous as an Orientalist painter, when he exhibited at the Salon de Paris in 1847. His original work is an oil on canvas, entitled 'Oriental Beauty'. The picture is signed by Lecomte and dated 1868. There is also an impressed mark of Marion & Co. The quality is so good that it appears as an original watercolour, until it is studied very closely. The pictures are period framed and glazed and are in very good condition, given their age. The gilding on the frames has worn off in places. We have tried to find other examples of this work, but without any luck. Possibly, given the amount of work involved, only very few were made.

Size Picture: 15 x 23cm (6 x 9 inches)
Size Frame: 37 x 49.5cm (14 1/2 x 19 1/2 inches)
Weight: 1602g