c1970 Marc Chagall Original Hand Coloured Signed Lithograph

A fantastic example by one of the most interesting and influential painters of the 20th Century.

This is a hand coloured and pencil signed Lithograph by Marc Chagall, framed and glazed. It depicts a pair of flying entwined lovers within a bouquet of flowers over the shoreline of Nice, France.

The picture was formerly the property of the Model, Jean Shrimpton and is numbered 140 of an edition of 150. The label on the back is torn, but the picture was supplied by the Redfern Gallery, 20 Cork Street, London W1. Slightly less legible in machine type reads ...dans le Ciel de Nice... GALL and a partial date, ARY 8th ...7. This should read "Les Amants dans Ciel de Nice" by MARC CHAGALL and it would date from around 1967.

The sculptor is CH Sorlier and painter is Marc Chagall.

Print Size: 68 x 49cm
Frame Size: 90 x 79.5cm
Weight: 6kg