William Heath Satirical Print of Duke of Wellington


A rare satirical print of the Duke of Wellington entitled ‘Alarming State of the Times| Pleasant Intimation’, by William Heath, published ‘November 9th 1830’ by ‘T. Mclean 26 Haymarket.’

The print refers to the Duke’s intended visit to a Royal banquet on the 8th November 1830. The occasion was cancelled, after assassination threats had been made against the Duke of Wellington.

The print shows a bespectacled Arthur Wellesley, reclined on a library chair sifting through his weekly correspondence. In his right hand, a parchment informs him of the following: “Your Grace, you intend giving a dinner on Monday – mind it will be the last you ever shall give.” The duke replies with his usual understatement “The deuce (sic) it will.”

One of Heath’s more sympathetic portrayals of a man, whose perceived political failings he was swift to point out.

The print is excellent condition, without mould or wear. The signature of William Heath can be seen in the bottom left corner.

Size of Frame: 48 x 35 x 2.2cm
Size of Print: 36 x 24.5cm
Weight: 1378g