1813 George III Silver Three Shilling Bank Token Coin


A very collectable Bank of England issue, dated 1813, King George III Silver Three Shilling Token Coin in near mint condition.
The obverse of the coin features the laureate head of the king facing right, with GEORGIUS III DEI GRATIA REX. The reverse shows the date 1813, the value BANK TOKEN 3 SHILL. inside a wreath of laurel and oak leaves with acorns .
These fascinating coins were struck after the emergency counter stamped coins along with the Bank of England Dollar re strikes on Spanish silver, due to the shortage of silver from the costly Napoleonic war. This was at time when the Royal mint was not producing crown coinage and the authority came from the Bank of England, thus technically making them a token,
These Bank of England tokens were minted during the Napoleonic Wars, when the Royal Mint was not producing Crown coinage but rather pieces issued under the authority of the Bank of England, thus technically a token, although its purity of metal (892/1000) caused it to be accepted as money. The era of official circulating token coinage that began with the countermarking of Spanish American 8 Reales, would end with the final issue of this type when the New Coinage began to appear. Sometimes this last type is called the Bare Head style but as may be observed the king wore a laurel around his head.
Size: 34 mm (1 3/8 inches)
Weight: 14.7g