1816 History of the Renowned Prince Arthur by Malory 2 Vols


1816 rare books titled ‘The History of the Renowned Prince Arthur, King of Britain; with his Life and Death, and all his Glorious Battles. Likewise, the Noble Acts and Heroic Deeds of his Valiant Knights of the Round Table’ by Sir Thomas Malory and published by J. Walker & Co.
The edition is in 2 volumes which are in period leatherbound and titled ‘History of Prince Arthur’ I & II. They are the first modern edition of Malory. The year 1816 represented a turning point for Malory's stories. After a gap of nearly two centuries, two editions appeared almost simultaneously, the edition featured here thought to be rarer. Both editions were produced in the same small format.
The books are in good condition for their age and the front pages are somewhat creased and lightly soiled, decreasing as you advance through the books. There are over 480 pages in each book. There are inside illustrations in each book. They consist of the frontispieces (Arthur's reception of Excalibur, Volume I; Sir Percivale's vision, Volume II) and an additional engraved title page (Arthur and the Questing Beast, Volume I; Sir Lancelot fighting a dragon, Volume II), all by Charles Warren (engraver) after Thomas Uwins (artist). The publisher J. Walker & Co. was based at Paternoster Row, London. The covers are fully bound in calf leather. The spine is complete and has the title in gold letters and black and brown spine panels. The top and bottom is decorated with stylised foliage.
Malory's Morte Darthur was first printed by Caxton in 1485, followed by editions in 1498, 1529, 1557, 1585, and 1634. Only two copies of Caxton's edition are known to exist and all are exceedingly rare and virtually unobtainable. In 1807, Sir Walter Scott said he thought a reprint of Malory would sell, and the thought presently occurred to others as well. The poet Keats owned the Walker 1816 edition. Tennyson owned both 1816 editions, both 'much used by the poet' according to his son.
Size each: 13.7 x 7.5 x 3 cm (5 3/8 x 3 x 1 1/8 inches)
Weight: 420g