1910 The North Pole by Robert Peary Hodder and Stoughton


A 1910 first edition ‘The North Pole’ by Robert E. Peary, with an introduction by former US President Theodore Roosevelt.

The book was published in London by Hodder & Stoughton in 1910. The grey-green hardcover contains 326 pages, 301 illustrations. The spine has the red title and is in good condition. The inside has some foxing, especially at the front and back. The book was in the Plymouth College Library (Public School) and was donated by the Head of Geography at the time, W. McDonald Porter, and has his signature in ink in the inside cover. The book has the folding map at the rear and is complete with all the plates and illustrations. The subject covers Peary's last expedition 1908-09, the voyage of the ship 'Roosevelt' through the ice of Smith Sound-Robeson Channel to winter-quarters at Camp Jesup, Cape Sheridan on Ellesmere Island. It depicts the hunting, sledging and the final march to the Pole.