1994 to 2012 Complete Collection of Loaded Men’s Magazines


A mint or very near mint complete collection of the famous Printed Men’s Magazine publication.

It starts with the first issue, dated May 1994 and continues uninterrupted until December 2012. There are 226 magazines in all. The magazines seem hardly viewed or read, as the spines are all as new. The colours of the covers and contents are also fresh, as new.

Loaded was a printed men's lifestyle magazine, which was launched as a mass-market print publication in 1994, but which ceased being issued in March 2015. It relaunched as a digital magazine on 11 November 2015 and continues today. The content has changed, with semi-clothed women now absent.

In its early days, the magazine's readership was once described as ‘50% Sun readers and 50% Guardian readers’. Speaking about Loaded's audience in 2001, the editor James Brown remarked: "I knew that most of the guys in the country weren't like those other magazines, like GQ and Arena, were telling them they were. They weren't driving around in Range Rovers with very expensive Savile Row suits." He cited the irreverent comic Viz as an inspiration for Loaded. The magazine became an early example of the modern Lads' Mag format. Brown won the British Society of Magazine Editors: ‘Editors' Editor of the Year’ award for his work on the magazine for the man who believes he can do anything, if only he wasn't hungover".

Weight: 107.05kg

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