c1780 Photograph of Gold Medal Schooner Cetonia


A fine original sepia tone photograph of the Racing Schooner Cetonia, that achieved 2 gold medals for 1st place by the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club and the Royal Dart Yacht Club in 1874.

The photo is framed and glazed. On the reverse is written a little history about the vessel. She was built for Mr W. Turner by Ratney of Cowes in 1873. The schooner was rated 156.54ft and set 9300 square feet of canvas. It was sold to Lord Treagh and figured in the Lloyds Register until 1906. It is believed that Edward VII and the celebrated American actress Lily Langtree sailed on her.

Also included is a miniature portrait painting of William Turner, within an oval gilded frame. Condition of both the photo and portrait is very good.

Size photo: 41.5 x 37.5 x 1.5cm