c1812 Large Engraved Map of Spain Portugal by Pinkerton


A very fine detailed map of the Iberian Peninsula, comprising of Spain and Portugal.

The map which dates to around 1812 is by John Pinkerton and is one the best large format English atlas maps of the period. The large map has been mounted, framed in black and glazed. Condition is very good. Pinkerton's maps reflect the fine copperplate engraving work being done in Britain at the beginning of the 19th Century, with remarkable detail and a 3-dimensional feeling. Pinkerton's now rare elephant folio atlas is one of the best engraved works of the period. While lesser known than the more common atlases by Cary & Thomson, it is a superior work, especially in the detail of the maps.

John Pinkerton (1758-1826) was Scottish literary critic, historian, poet, and geographer. From the age of twelve he educated himself at home in Edinburgh, as his father had declined to send him to university. After 1800, Pinkerton turned to geographical works. In 1802 he published Modern Geography, a text that was quite popular and translated into French and Italian. In 1808-15, he produced a New Modern Atlas, which was well received, followed by A General Collection of Voyages and Travels (1808-14). He lived in London and Paris.

Size image: 70 x 50cm (27½ x 19½ inches)
Size frame: 77 x 57cm (30 x 22½ inches)
Weight: 3kg