c1827 Teggs New Plan of London Engraved Print Map


A fine example of a c1827 folding map of London titled the: TEGG’S NEW PLAN OF LONDON &c WITH 360 REFERENCES TO THE PRINCIPAL STREETS &c 1827, along the top.

The city boundaries, open spaces, roads and watercourses are depicted in fine detail. The map is uncoloured as issued. This is a later edition of a map first issued by Thomas Tegg in 1823. It is divided into rectangles for reference, with a street index in panel below the plan. The map is in good condition with some splitting along where the folds were. It has been mounted, framed and glazed.

Thomas Tegg (1776–1845) was a British bookseller and publisher. After several years of struggle, he opened a shop at 111 Cheapside, London. He printed a series of pamphlets, consisting of abridgements of popular works. They proved successful, and he had up to two hundred titles, many of which sold four thousand copies. By 1840 he had published four thousand works on his own account. The Whole Life of Nelson, which he brought out just after the battle of Trafalgar in 1805, sold fifty thousand copies at 6d. and the Life of Mary Anne Clarke (1810), thirteen thousand copies at 7s. 5d. each. In 1825 he started the London Encyclopaedia which ran to twenty-two volumes. He bought remainders on a large scale.

Size frame: 70.5 x 51 x 2.5 cm (27 ½ x 20 x 1 inches)
Weight: 3315 g