c1910 French Original Personalised Paris Fashion 4 Postcards


A really charming selection of 4 original hand drawn and painted antique French personalised postcards, depicting images of characters from the Paris scene.

The postcards date from around the very early 20th century, given the fashions. There are 2 postcards that show attractive young women, with the title ‘Moulin Rouge’ and another 2, which show another woman and a very louche looking man, titled ‘Boulevard Exterieurs’. All 4 postcards are signed LW. The cream cards appear to be hand made and with an irregular edge. The reverse has the standard printed set-out for postcards and is divided into 2 parts: Correspondence and Address. They have not been written on. Condition is very good considering their age.

They were most likely produced by a budding artist and sold to Paris tourists. Moulin Rouge is the famous Burlesque club and Boulevard Exterieurs is an older naming of the main boulevards of Paris, which later became known as the Boulevard des Marechaux, as the majority were named after French Field Marshals.

Size: 14cm x 9cm (5.5 x3.5 inches)
Weight: 17 g