Capt. Greenvile Collins Map "Part of Devonshire" 1693


A wonderful original map of Part of Devonshire from "The British Coasting Pilot" by Captain Greenvile Collins, published in 1693, by Harris.

The British Coasting Pilot was commissioned by King Charles II in 1676 after a Dutch invasion of the Thames showed a weakness in our knowledge of our own coastline. He spent 7 years collating information and making sketches and plates for his atlas, which was published in 1693 by a number of engravers.

This example covers the stretch of South Devon coast from Exmouth to Newton Ferry. The top left has the number 14 in a small square and the bottom right shows the engravers mark' I Harris sculp: 2'. It has its original fold as published but has been later hand coloured. There is a fine illuminated cartouche depicting the Landing of King William, Nov. 5th 1688 in Torbay, both current at the time and appropriate to this particular section of the atlas. On the reverse of the map is hand written instructions in pencil explaining the navigation of the Exmouth Bar, a feature at the mouth of the River Exe that is shown on the map. An interesting if much later addition.

Condition is very good showing no fading or bleaching but there is a 1.5cm tear at the bottom of the fold. Fortunately not long enough to reach the printed map.

Paper Size: 50 x 61.5cm
Print Size: 45.1 x 57cm