Symbolic French and English Vocabulary by Ragonot Dated 1856


An interesting and instructive English French Dictionary with symbols to aid recognition.

The book is soft covered and dated 1956 (5th Edition). The full title is quite something: "A Symbolic French and English Vocabulary for Students of Every Age, in All Classes in Which the Most Useful and Common Words are Taught by Illustrations" by L.C. Ragonot. Published by Ackermann & Co, 96 Strand, London.

The plates are fascinating and cover while array of subjects listing the words in both languages. Given its age many of the words used are outdated, but insightful nonetheless. Condition is fair to good but there is a bit of damage to the spine and some staining to the inside covers which show 3 owners up to 1879.

Some of the information is quite technical such as the names of different sailing ships, the rigging and other vehicles and it proves useful just as an encyclopaedia. The book has been reprinted in modern times, but this is the only original antique example we have been able to find during our research.

Size: 25 x 18.5 x 1cm
Weight: 220g