Victorian Autograph Book of 45 National Figures


A very good collection of original Victorian ink autographs of notable and National figures which have been collected from letters, carte de visites etc.

he signatures are all from the mid to late 19th Century, indicating they were collected during that period. The signatures include:

Queen Victoria
Alexander Bruce (6th Lord Balfour of Burleigh)
Morell Mackenzie (Physician)
Arthur Lt Col Comm. 1st Battn Rifle Brigade (2nd Duke of Wellington)
Lord Fife (1st Duke, married Princess Louise)
Duke of Wellington (Adj Gen of Armed Forces)
AJ Faucett
Redvers Buller (V.C Zulu Wars)
Henry Morley (Writer & Professor Eng Lit.)
Arabela B Buckley
F. Fenwick Miller
RG Latham (British Ethnologist & Philologist)
FG Russell
A Adler
Harry Furniss (Artist and Editor of Knowledge Magazine)
Davis Evans (Lord Mayor of London)
John Farmer (Music Teacher Harrow School)
Earl of Derby
Robert Grosvenor (1st Baron Ebury)
HF Ponsonby (Queen Victoria's Private Secretary)
Helen Gladstone
H Montagne Butler

and several more that we haven't identified. There are at least 45 in total.

The condition of the autographs is very good but the book has detached covers and there seems to have been on signature removed.

Size: 16 x 19.5 x 2.25cm
Weight: 496g