1936 Berlin Olympics Kathe Krauss Athlete Large Furstenberg Vase


An incredible very large Porcelain lidded urn vase in with with heavy gilding by Furtenberg, Germany.

The vase has two handles in the shape of large rams heads. The base is marked with an F and crown in blue and there is also a small in gold, probably for the artist.

Furstenberg was established in 1747 under Duke Charles I of Brunswick and the company still exists today. This imposing piece was presented to Kathe Krauss, the German Olympic sprinter, who won 3 golds medals in the World Women's Games in London 1934 and the 100m Bronze at the Berlin Olympics in 1936.

The condition of the piece is so close to perfect. The heavy gilding is immaculate on all sides of the vase and only the slightest wear shows around the base from years of careful dusting.

Size: 22 x 35x 58cm
Weight: 4.9kg