c1880 Italian Venetian Glass Pair of Dolphin Candlesticks


A pair of very fine of mid to late 19th century Italian Venetian Murano glass candlestick holders with triple posy-holders in the shape of Dolphins.

The 2 candlesticks are handblown and worked in a combination of different glasses; mottled, splatter gilded and clear. The top sconce would contain the candle, whilst the 3 dolphins are pointing upwards to act as posy-holders. The dolphins are the classical traditional representation and look more like a fat eel-like fish. The mottling colour is slightly different on both candlesticks, one being slightly amethyst and the other more pink. They are identical in shape. Condition is very good, without any apparent chips or cracks. Rare to find in this condition.

Venice became a centre of glass making in the Middle-Ages. The popularity of its glass meant that the multitude of glass makers using wood fires threatened to burn Venice down. Therefore, the production of Venetian glass was moved to the island of Murano.

Size: 13.5 x 32 cm (5 ¼ x 12 ½ inches)
Weight: 1354 g