17th Century Chinese Cloisonné Enamel Lobed Bowl Lid


An unusual cloisonné enamel hexagonal lobed bowl, dating from the 17th century, during the transitional period between the late-Ming and early-Qing Dynasty.

A few design features allow us to date the piece to the 17th century: the colour palate is limited and opaque; the use of Ming Pink, where in the absence of a homogenous pink, the white enamel is flecked with red dots. Additionally, the scrolling vines are made up of split wires.

The Buddhist character of the bowl reflects the political climate of 17th century China, a period when patronage of the arts passed from the Imperial Court to workshops, stimulated by affluent monasteries or merchants. The base of the bowl shows the Buddhist wheel, whilst the lobed section and lid are decorated with auspicious ‘shou’ symbols dispersed with stylised dragons and clouds.

The condition of the bowl is good for its age, though around the brass, sections of the enamel have worn. The finial on the lid has also loosened over time.

Size: 16 x 6cm (6¼ x 2¼”)
Weight: 415g