c1600 Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Pearl Dragon Bowl


Very attractive c1600 Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue and White painted Porcelain Bowl that is decorated with the image of the Dragon and the Pearl from a famous fable of Nie Lang.
The circular shallow bowl has a horned dragon with 4 talons and is holding a pearl in its right foot as it flies through clouds. The bottom half of the body disappears over the edge of the bowl, continuing on the underside. The dragon is expertly painted in blue tones on a very slightly blue-white background. The condition is good although there is a bit of frittering to the edge of the lip and an old hairline crack that is stable. These flaws help give a good indication of its age and in no way take away any of the beauty of the piece.
Nie Lang was a boy who lived at a time of famine caused by a cruel ruler. On his ever further foraging trips he finds a beautiful pearl that his mother hides in a sack of rice. The pearl multiplies the amount of rice and soon the have enough to share with their neighbours. As news of the new found wealth reaches the rulers ears, he decides to take it. In order to keep it Nie Lang swallows the pearl, which turns him into a dragon that protects the people.
Size: 29 x 6 cm (11 3/8 x 2 3/8 inches)
Weight: 982g