c1915 Chinese Famille Rose Qianlong Porcelain Vase


A beautiful and incredibly intricately painted antique Chinese Porcelain Vase in the Famille Rose style and signed with Qianlong reign marks, with plenty of Buddhist symbols and central cartouches containing white cranes, a symbol of purity.
The vase is in the shape of a baluster column, flaring out both at the top and bottom, with a white body on which has been intricately painted a cornucopia of different reticulated decorative designs. This gives the vase a micro-tiled appearance to the central body on which are islands of cartouches. The 4 central ones have a border made up of good fortune buddhist symbols, including bats, gourdes and precious things, with a central white crane or stork. Between the crane cartouches are beautifully painted flowers keystone shaped cartouches with artistic implements bound in ribbon. In between are bands of different design friezes and Ruyi. Both the inside of the vase’s neck and the underside of the base are turquoise glazed and bear the apocryphal four-character mark within a double square in iron red of the Qianlong Emperor. However, this vase would have been a special commissioned piece made during the Republic Period (1912-1949). Condition is extremely good, without any scratches, chips or cracks.
Size: 16 x 34 cm (6 ¼ x 13 3/8 inches)
Weight: 1846 g