c1880 Japan Meiji 4 Lobed Satsuma Ceramic Incense Holder


A very beautiful and unusual c1880 Japanese Meiji period 4 Lobed intricately decorated Satsuma Ceramic Incense Holder, most likely by Kinkozan.
The incense holder is in the shape of a lidded square box, which rests on an exaggerated 4 lobed base, itself standing on 4 baluster legs. On either side of the square box there are 2 looped handles. The lid has a finial and both it and the sides with the handles are glazed a deep dark blue with gold painted decoration. The other 2 sides have a beautifully detailed painted tableau of a group of seated Geishas in golden robes. On the 4 lobes are 4 tableaus showing 2 of Geishas in a garden and 2 of men in armour. Again, the robes and armour are intricately decorated in gold. On the underside are the remnants of a seal with has rubbed of the artist’s signature. However, the style and quality points to the work of Kinkozan.
Condition is very good, with some light restoration to an arm, which is hard to notice.
Size: 13.25 x 13 x 13.5 cm (5 ¼ x 5 1/8 x 5 3/16 inches)
Weight: 758 g