c1890 Japanese Meiji Cloisonné Plate Unusual River Scene


An attractive Japanese cloisonné plate, dating from the middle of the Meiji era, circa 1890.

The plate depicts a scene nearing autumn, with 3 Japanese sparrows under a stylised plum tree. A winding stream trails back into the distance, with reeds and flowers on its bank. The plate is bordered with tight scrolling patterns arranged in semi circles alternating between brown and black.

The presence of turquoise allows the plate to be dated post-1880, a time when fashions were moving from tight geometry to minimal representations of nature. The mixed enamelling on the blue and white flowers is amongst the finest I have seen.

The condition is good, with only a slight bit of enamel wear on the right of the stream. The back has suffered some damage to the inner ring. Some small pieces of enamel are missing from the wire coils.

Diameter: 30cm
Height: 3.5cm
Weight: 988g