c1900 Japanese Porcelain Kin Pyo Sake Barrel Dispenser


A nice late 19th – early 20th century antique Japanese Porcelain ’Kin Pyo’ Sake Barrel Dispenser, in the shape of traditional wood and rope barrels that were used to store larger amounts of sake.

The sides have moulded double rope-like decoration. The glazed white porcelain has the blue and green transfer decoration with the relevant information in Japanese characters (Kanji). The Sake is obviously a good brand, as there are 4 national and International award medals illustrated within the transfer. It has a serving spigot to the lower front, lug handles and a pottery lid filling hole.

Japanese sake jugs and kegs were used for ceremonial and display purposes at sake shops around the turn of the century.

Size: 33 x 38 cm (13 x 15 inches)
Weight: 10.5kg