c1900 Meiji Japanese Kutani Cased Sushi Set Nakamura


A beautifully fine Kutani porcelain sushi set, made by Nakamura during the late Meiji era, circa 1900.

Fitting into a black lacquered box, the set consists of 8 dishes, tessellating to form a ring. The middle leaves enough space for a larger circular bowl.

All of the dishes have been hand painted with butterflies, cranes, and various Japanese birds amongst trees and foliage. The painting is delicate, capturing both movement and detail.

The back of each vessel is signed ‘Nakamura Zo’ (Made by Nakamura). Considering the fineness of the set, the condition is good, though one of the dishes has a small chip. Additionally, the gilding has worn with time and the lid of the lacquered case is missing.

Size of Case: 35 x 4cm
Weight: 1226g